Have you done this in your conclusion?

  • Have you understood the importance of a finely crafted, ‘watertight’ conclusion?
  • Does your conclusion contain a summary of all of the arguments related to the topic that you have discussed throughout the essay?
  • Have you reiterated the key terms of the question?
  • Have you given a final judgement (as related to the ‘judgement demand’)?
  • Have you used appropriate but sophisticated language?
  • Does your conclusion leave the reader satisfied that all of the arguments, judgements and analysis of key terms, have been drawn together with clarity and finality?
  • Have you included historiography in your conclusion?
  • Have you challenged the question?
  • Have you been able to conclude with an original, pithy exit sentence?
  • Does your conclusion leave the reader with a good final impression of your ability and your work?

If you have answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you have finished the course. Well done, you are a successful writer of history.

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