In the process of building your foundation (your introduction) you will have to make sure that the concrete is anchored and 'set' properly. Pylons must be driven into the ground, around which the concrete will be poured and set. If the concrete is not 'anchored' properly by the pylons, then it will remain unstable and the structure you build upon it will be prone to collapse.


What do we mean, ‘Fixing Pylons’?


We mean: Identifying and Addressing the Key Terms of the question.


What do we mean, ‘Key Terms’?


Key terms are important parts of the question around which your entire enquiry should be ‘fixed’ or ‘anchored’. They are usually explicit ‘directions’ that you are to follow that have some foundation in the mark scheme of the exam board (AQA, CIE and such). They are, if you like, the building blocks of the question being asked.

You MUST ensure that all key terms are referred to and, where necessary, addressed and explained in your introduction. If you do not, the examiner will assume that, either…

a) have not understood the question fully or,
b) have not read the question properly or,
c) are not skilled at writing introductions.

Any one of these mistakes can be fatal to your essay’s chances because they are poor impressions to make on the reader. Remember, you only have one chance to make this first impression.

You ABSOLUTELY must identify and address these key terms in your introduction. Failing to do so will leave your house on an uncertain foundation.

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Top Tip 1

Whether you have chosen your own essay/coursework title, or you have simply been given one, believe it or not, pretty much everything in it should be a 'key term'. This makes more sense than you'd imagine – why would you create a question that had anything irrelevant in it? This means that, for the most part, your introduction will address every part of the question, because every part of it should be relevant and, therefore, important. If any of it is not relevant, then why is it in there?

What you have learned

This section has introduced you to the significance of the key terms of the question. The following four parts (Key Terms 1, Key Terms 2, Key Terms 3, and Key Terms 4) will take you through the kinds of key terms you may have to address in a typical coursework title. Read on.

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