Have you done this in your introduction?

  • Have you understood that your introduction is arguably the most important section of your work? Good.
  • Have you ‘lifted’ the examiner out of her context and placed her in the context of your essay topic? Have you answered the five ‘W’ questions? What? Where? When? Who? Why?
  • Have you identified and addressed all ‘key terms’ of the question?
  • Have you identified the ‘comparative discussion’?
  • Have you explored any dates attached to the question?
  • Have you established the parameters of your investigation (the things you are prepared to discuss)?
  • Have you used appropriate but sophisticated language?
  • Have you introduced an argument of your own?
  • Have you identified the argument/s of other?
  • Have you included any historiography?
  • Have you read and understood the mark scheme, assessment objectives, etc. of the exam board?

Let's move on to the next unit.

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