Have you done this in your Main Body?

  • Have you understood the importance of a clearly planned and organised main body?
  • Have you expanded on all ‘key terms’ of the question?
  • Have you identified and expanded upon similarities and differences across your topic/time period?
  • Have you identified and expanded upon changes and continuities across your topic/time period?
  • Have you explained the relative significance of key issues/events/people in your topic/time period?
  • Have you used appropriate, correctly spelled and sophisticated language (S.P.G.)?
  • Have you used T.R.E.E (or some variant) to help guide your paragraph structure?
  • Have you planned your essay so that it flows clearly from one issue to the next?
  • Have you demonstrated a high level understanding of relevant historical interpretation/historiography?
  • Have you evaluated (judged the validity) of the historical interpretation/historiography you have used?
  • Have you created a sustained independent argument relevant to the question?
  • Have you used carefully selected evidence to support your points and arguments?
  • Have you read, understood and followed the guidance given in the mark scheme?

Let's move on to the next unit.

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