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The Coursework Club was created by Dr. Elliott L. Watson in order to address the urgent challenges faced by a great many History students, aged 16+, in their historical writing. Having taught the subject of History for over 16 years, grounded in international contexts, Dr Watson has identified and sought to address many of the issues associated with the academic demands of writing History essays and coursework. It is far from easy to write a fluid, well-evidenced, structured piece of coursework, but through his years of experience of assessing and grading thousands of essays, Dr Watson has developed a step by step guide with practical and helpful tips and examples, which will help shape any coursework material into a quality submission.

Through the development of the Coursework Club website, Dr Watson has created the opportunity for students to equip themselves with the necessary tools to enable them to produce outstanding pieces of coursework. The website has access to a growing membership of fellow students from the global community, examples of real student work highlighting the do’s and don’ts of writing, along with the knowledge and expertise of Dr Watson, who has a multitude of useful insights into what exam boards are really looking for in Historical writing.

elliotWatsonProfileDr. Watson has a Ph.D. in History and International Relations, a First Class Degree in American History and Politics, a Teaching Diploma, and has taught the subject of History internationally for nearly 16 years, at GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and Degree level. He has held a number of positions, including Head of History, Visiting Lecturer, Head of Sixth Form and, of course, Senior History Teacher.

Dr Watson has published his academic work in South Asian History and Culture (published by Routledge), on the official website of The Richard Nixon Foundation - The New Nixon, and in Foreign Policy Journal.

What we believe

We at The Coursework Club believe that dedicated History students are, quite often, not equipped with the basic and correct tools to successfully build a History essay or piece of History coursework. Teachers can be overwhelmed by the demands of the syllabus – having to 'get through' the masses of content – and, as a consequence, they can often relegate the vital skills related to essay construction, to a secondary concern. We believe that, at the very least, the teaching of writing skills should be given equal attention to that of the content – you can have the most luxurious contents to furnish your house, but if you don't construct a solid house for them to be securely displayed in, then your contents will soon become worthless.

Even the most resilient of students will struggle to demonstrate the necessary growth mindset, when their understanding of the topic is consistently undermined by writing skills that are inadequate to meet the demands of the basic mark schemes. The result is a legion of disenchanted and disillusioned History students that are turned off to the writing process before they even get to understand it.

Perhaps the greatest confirmation that many students need more guidance in this area, is provided (year after year) by universities who decry the loss of traditional essay-building skills, as well as the deficiencies in formal writing abilities.

...94% of current university students feel their school or college could have prepared them better for the academic rigour of university.

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We at The Coursework Club, in partnership with its members, aim to address these deficiencies and help to rebuild student confidence and student interest in History, by building better coursework.

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