1. Free Membership of The Coursework Club includes access to The Course, The Library and The Club House.
  2. Members who submit their work to The Coursework Club, agree to have their work used anonymously by The Coursework Club in any way The Coursework Club sees fit, e.g. posted to The Library to be used by other members.
  3. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, all members agree to act in accordance with the The Coursework Club's rules of etiquette (as determined by the owners of the site). Any contravention of the rules of etiquette, e.g. using offensive, crude, or abusive language in The Forum, or in an email, will result in immediate cancellation of membership.
  4. The course that is offered, as well as any questions answered by our staff, should be considered 'advice' only. The Coursework Club and its owners take no responsibility for grades, marks and results received by its members for their work submitted to their school, exam board and so on.
  5. The Coursework Club advises against any correspondence between its members other than that which goes through The Forum. The Coursework Club advises against revealing personal details to other members such as email addresses, personal addresses and such. The Coursework Club takes no responsibility for members who exchange personal details, including email addresses, location etc.
  6. All Terms and Conditions are in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the United Kingdom.

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